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Dear Ben & Frank

What is it about design that keeps you interested in the field?

Question Submitted by Anonymous

Ben SaysI get to learn, draw, create, interpret, communicate ideas in meaningful ways, and that there are no rules on how to do any of those things.

I also believe designers are in a unique position to help inspire social change on a large scale and this is what keeps me up at night.


Frank SaysI’ve done so much learning in this industry, about about our profession, but more importantly, about lots of things outside of it. I think that’s my favorite thing about being a designer and illustrator and what keeps me interested. I’ve been fortunate enough to do illustrations for articles I can’t say half the words in about subjects I had never heard of before. You get a lot of exposure to many interesting things.

Also, I think certain people have an internal desire to just make things. With this job, I kind of get to make a living by fulfilling that need. It’s great.