Ask a Question

Ben SaysIf you’re talking about art in the general sense to mean the deliverable of a project then yes. If you’re talking about fine art then I don’t feel qualified to give a response since I don’t consider myself an artist in that sense (at the moment).

I believe a graphic designers job inherently involves making things for people, and if you stop thinking about how you can best serve those people then you’re not doing your job.


Frank SaysArt? I’m not sure. Design and illustration? Absolutely, yes. In fact, I think more so than the client. (Although clients are very important as well.) Typically, what’s best for the audience is what’s best for the client as well.

Ultimately, I believe the highest allegiance of a visual communicator belongs to their client’s (or their own) audience. When communicating messages to our audience, we ask for their attention, consideration and trust. We should be so kind as to reciprocate that gift with something of great value, truth and dependency.