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Dear Ben & Frank

Do you ever look at other peoples work and wish you had done it?

Question Submitted by Liz

Ben SaysOf course it happens, but I think competition can be a good and healthy thing if you don’t let it consume you. It keeps you humble and gives you something to work toward.

I personally can’t draw very well, so I often get hung up on technical issues of drafting and craftsmanship. The way I look at it though is that if someone else can do something there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to either, I just have to work harder.

Currently, I get physically ill when looking at Jessica Hische’s work because it’s soo good.


Frank SaysSure. I think creative envy, when in check, plays an important role in self-improvement. I never try to directly compare my work to other people’s though, because I can never be sure if the goals I have for my own work are the same as others.

I think I’m getting more comfortable in my own shoes as I go along, though. I know what makes sense for me and makes the things that I make my own. I’m having that envy feeling less and less, and it’s being replaced by a certain feeling of marvel and wonder, which I much prefer. Rather than looking at great work and saying I wish I made that, its changing little by little to That’s wonderful. I’m really glad someone made this.