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Dear Ben & Frank

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Question Submitted by Anonymous

Ben SaysHopefully much smarter, humbler, more traveled, more well read, and more focused. The last one I think is key because I feel like I dabble in lots of areas of design and as a consequence I’ve gotten mediocre at a lot of things rather than really good at one or two things. I feel like I’m already taking steps toward this goal by learning to say no to projects and better manage my time and resources.

Ideally I would also like to get to the point where I am only working on meaningful projects that interest me. I actually feel like I am pretty close to achieving this already.

Perhaps a little bit farther out than 5 years or right around that mark I would very much like to start a small studio with some of the talented designers I know.


Frank SaysIdeally, I’d love to diversify the projects I work on. There’s so many things that interest me that I’d eventually like to address in this little career of mine: interiors, patterns, product design, and animation.

Five years from now, I’d really love to be working on projects where I can tell stories with my work. The craft of story-telling is a subject I think I’ll always love, and I’d be thrilled if I could devote some time to think about and personally explore ways to make a cross section of that and design and illustration.

Oh, and I’d like to be writing more. And sleeping more. Just more of all the good stuff.