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Dear Ben & Frank

Non-photo blue pencil... Live by it, or just donít care?

Question Submitted by Anonymous

Ben SaysNever actually used one...or a photostat camera for that matter. Both are a little before my time, but I can totally see this becoming the next must-have hip designer accessory. I mean I guess I have go get one now that Frank has challenged my street cred.

I wouldn’t jump in front of any trains but I do like and use these quite a bit, mostly because they’re cheap and pretty easy to find.


Frank SaysI’ve only used one a few times. Don’t swear by it or anything, but I don’t really do a lot of inking or anything. I have used a stat camera a couple times though, making me have more street cred than Ben, though.

If I were pressed to name a drawing utensil I’d jump in front of trains for, it’d be the ultra fine-tipped Sharpie.