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Dear Ben & Frank

The Internet: Friend or foe?

Question Submitted by Anonymous

Ben SaysI think it’s a bit of both for me. Like Frank I am hugely indebted to the internet for a lot of my education, self promotion, career, friendships. This is even more relevant at the moment as I’m working for one of the largest websites in the world.

It’s amazing to me the ease with which we can share information and ideas with one another. At the same time I say it’s a bit of an enemy because it is a huge distraction in my life because the amount of information is so totally overwhelming. Rather than just focusing on being a good designer I now focus on being a good designer, illustrator, typographer, photographer, book binder, screen printer, computer programmer, animator, carpenter, etc, etc... The internet and other technologies have made it far easier for me to divide my time among many different skill sets. Sometimes it’s hard to process it all and keep up.


Frank SaysFriend! I’m hugely indebted to the internet for my livelihood. It allows me to share my work in ways that I never thought possible and to work for people I wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Aside from the things that I’ve produced, I’ve found so many awesome things and great people online. I still kind of hate YouTube comments though, and think that sometimes if online communities get too big, they cease to be communities and turn into degenerate masses.

But, on a happy note, I just bought some new socks online. And how can something that brings you socks be your foe?