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Dear Ben & Frank

Do you ever feel upset about taking design breaks?

Question Submitted by Matt Vogt

Ben SaysWhen I haven’t made anything for a long time I start to get restless. I frequently get into these long drawn out research and understanding phases. Given the work I’m currently doing it is totally necessary, but still I have a strong need to make stuff.

I don’t really consider this a break though, I’m still very much engaged in conceptual thinking.

Whenever I feel this way I try to make a book, screen print or letterpress something, or at least draw.

If I’m stuck all together in trying to come up with a concept I try to get away from thinking about design at all. I will usually go for a bike ride, to the library/book store.


Frank SaysI think any time I’m not working ridiculously hard, I do feel a certain twinge of guilt course through my veins. I just have to remind myself though that life is more than work, taking breaks keeps me healthy (creatively, spiritually and, um, bodily), and that I’ll always be hardest on myself about my work ethic.

I’m finding that I usually spend my off time traveling and taking things in. It’s hard work always outputting, so it’s important to give yourself some time to take in some input.