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Dear Ben & Frank

Do you have any strange tricks that help you think of new ideas?

Question Submitted by Anonymous

Ben SaysNo I don’t think any of them are strange. Mostly I just draw a lot and make a lot of word lists. I find that if I’ve put the proper effort into research that problems tend to solve themselves.


Frank SaysI typically walk away from what I’m working on. Typically a bit of distance is healthy, especially if I’m stuck. This takes a couple different forms: laying down on the couch at the studio, walking around the corner to get some coffee, rapping my pencil on the table, or pretending like I’m driving a race car in my rolley chair.

Also, I think talking to people is incredibly helpful for me. I particularly make an effort to talk to friends that aren’t designer types. They give me a great perspective as to what the core goals or message for whatever I’m working on should be. These conversations typically are me explaining the project to them, and saying a lot Does that make sense at all?